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Thank you for checking out our site. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a mother, a motivational speaker, a young adult fantasy author, and I am also the creator of the award winning “TJ’s Lessons” series, which I’m writing to you about now!

It all started almost a decade ago when my son TJ was a young boy and struggling to make good choices at school and at home. He was a great kid but by the age of five when he’d gotten removed from a SECOND learning center, I knew I needed to come up with something new to get his attention, and quickly! 

I was determined to help my son learn to strive to be his best. Like most parents, I was tirelessly working to reinforce the positive behaviors we teach our children everyday, but sometimes I felt like I was failing to get my point across affectively. Since TJ loved story time, and reading is an essential tool in every child’s educational development, I began to look for books that not only would keep his attention through an entertaining story, but also have content of value, positive morals, and teach the importance of good behavior and making good choices in the story. You know, just like the stories we remember from our childhoods. ❤️

I was disappointed to find the choices were so limited; especially in books that were diverse and would help my son see a positive image of himself in them. That’s when I began writing the TJ’s Lessons series. The current books in the series are diverse, entertaining, and focus on important lessons such as paying attention in class, minding the adult figures in your life, being kind to others, being a good friend, and how to choose good friends. To drive the point home even further I’ve created impactful questions at the end of each book to help you as a parent or adult figure have discussions of value with your children that will make a difference in their lives. 

These books not only ended up helping my son realize the best in himself, but I saw a total 180 in his behavior. They have become a favorite around my house with our other children as well. TJ is now 16 years old, thriving, is a role model, honor roll student, well loved and respected by his peers and teachers, terrific son and friend, motivational speaker, and still the spokesperson for TJ’s Lessons. 

The TJ’s Lessons series has now helped thousands of other kids whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet face to face in elementary schools across different states. Many children have since taken the TJ’s Lessons “Pledge of Excellence” with us. It’s a simple but powerful pledge to do their best. 

So, if you have landed on our site and you’re trying to decide if you should buy the TJ’s Lessons book bundle for a special girl or boy in your life, from one parent to another, go for it! You can’t go wrong buying our series!  

I am committed to helping make a positive change in children’s lives one book at a time. New books are coming soon with new lessons and I promise the series will become a favorite in your home, as it has in ours.

All my best

L.C. Rogers